We love making apps.

Something Big is Coming by sGerli

So one day I was looking on Amazon for a desk clock to buy, and I noticed something. There aren’t any “smart” desktop clocks. After seeing that I decided that I was going to make one, so I started planning. This is going to be built for a Raspberry Pi 2 with a display. Planning […]

pBuild Travis CI Pebble Build Tool by sGerli

For the last days I’ve been working in pBuild, it’s an open source Travis CI build tool for Pebble SDK. I think this may help many Pebble developers. Github: https://build.igerli.com/

iGerli Pebble Watchface by sGerli

I’ve been working on a Pebble smartwatch watchface. Its built in Pebble C which is a adaptation of C for Pebble. I will try to release it next week.  

2048 by sGerli

I’ve been working on making a modification of the 2048 game and its done, I’ve redesigned the game and I also make it work as an web app, I’ve made it work without internet when you are using it as a web app on an IOS device. If you want to give it a try […]

d’Note by sGerli

This is our new text editor with a fancy style.

Hi by sGerli

Hi welcome to the igerli blog.